structural engineering design

structural engineering design

John Bollen

Building design is a process involving various narrow-profile specialists-an architect, designer, and design engineer.

Each of them is responsible for their own actions. As a result of their joint work on the project, it becomes possible to determine the appearance of the object, organize its internal space. Calculation of structural tolerances, their thickness and strength. Design of building services engineering.

This multi-purpose process allows you to create appropriate structures for you. It meets modern standards and is characterized by high quality comfort.


Construction or reconstruction of any object begins with the development of a technical design of the building.

It gives a general idea of the projected object, its appearance and internal content.

The technical project is the initial stage of design and is part of the project documentation. The technological project consists of two parts-text and graphic.

  • The text part of the technology project includes.
  • detailed description of the internal and external appearance of the projected object and the basic principles of its organization.
  • justification of design and design decisions made in the course of project work.
  • Description of the processing technology used in this process.
  • calculated natural light parameters. Bringing them in line with the requirements of current standards.
  • description of planned construction measures to protect the building from vibration, noise and other adverse effects.
  • The graphic part of the engineering project includes.
  • view details.
  • floor plan of the projected building.
  • other drawings specified in the requirements of the design assignment.

The final stage of working with a technological project is to create a three-dimensional model of the building.

Building construction

Each project requires the involvement of a specific specialist responsible for their industry, and technical consultants from construction services can help with this. Drawing up a master plan for engineering systems is the final stage of work. This method is very safe and reliable. Of course we can say that the engineering construction of buildings structural engineering design is one part of a larger and more complex construction project

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Classification of construction engineering services Management services (management level) Management services Customer-developer activities - activities related to consulting services in the field of construction

Engineering network design includes the development of lighting, heating, electricity, heating networks, air conditioning and fire safety projects.



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