NL Brute 1.2

NL Brute 1.2

Brute for RDP

NL brute

Brute for RDS


Brutit Dedic, which installed the OS version of Vista and above (all that supports NLA)

Stable work with a large number of threads (500 and above)

The relatively high speed of brute (depends primarily on the outgoing speed of the Internet), in this case the brute went at a speed of ~ 5/5 Mbit

Brutus runs on any version of Windows since XP / 2003

Does not require the installation of any libraries

Supports Unicode for authorization and templates% username%,% USERNAME%

If the job fails, work is possible starting from the place where the brute stopped

Low system requirements

At work does not create any superfluous processes

Brutus goes through the list of servers, that is, first all the servers in the list are logged by the first pair of username, the password, then the second one, and so on, which avoids possible server blockages

Support for non-standard ports (you can feed lines of the form to the input)

1) appeared support for empty passwords

2) now brute automatically identifies domains, for example: \ Administrator; P @ ssw0r d \ Administrator; password

3) for those who use the masscan scanner, you can immediately download scan results to brute, without prior parsing.

4) small changes in performance

5) can now be minimized to tray

6) you can turn off the list of servers during brute, in case the loaded list is loaded

7) it is possible to select the default RDP port if server lists without ports are loaded (the default port was 3389)

8) reset the brute, if you want to start brute again, without loading the ip / user / password lists again

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