How Hosting a Virtual Birthday Celebration can be Fun & Exciting?

How Hosting a Virtual Birthday Celebration can be Fun & Exciting?

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On the first look, a virtual birthday might not seem as exciting as the ones celebrated offline. Despite this, one can easily turn online birthday parties into something fascinating and memorable to cherish for a long time. With just the proper amount of planning, one can turn a virtual birthday bash imaginably exciting! The most significant advantage that online birthday parties have over offline birthday party celebrations is that people can now easily invite to their virtual birthday party almost any friend residing anywhere all over the globe! As a result of living in a different state or country, relatives and other friends who were earlier unable to attend a birthday party can now be a part of the virtual birthday celebration. It helps in bringing together old friends who might have been distanced. Let us look at a few ways of making a virtual birthday party exciting.


1.     Keep the party vibe alive.

No party is complete without some music. Be it soft or hard rock music, playing some of the most loved melodies can make your virtual birthday celebration a memorable experience. Various online video conferencing platforms have options like 'Share screen,' which can be chosen by the host or the guests to tune in to some of the most incredible music! You can also make your virtual party even more lively by turning on the music high and letting your guests dance and enjoy, despite being separated by the LCD screen.


2.     Plan and book a virtual escape room game

Escape rooms have become quite trendy these days. They are now also available as virtual mystery rooms! Make a reservation for your required time and date in any available escape room games online for your virtual party. Breakout offers many exciting and immersive escape room games in the online mode for players to play. There are even many breakout escape rooms specially curated for a virtual birthday celebration, which you might opt for choosing to host an out-of-the-box birthday party! Escape rooms are fascinating and exemplarily unique ways of hosting a virtual party. Let your guests have the thrill and adventure of their life as they experience the virtual escape room.


3.     Have a slideshow

One can prepare a slideshow of all the memories that they have made with the person whose birthday it is and show it at the video conference. It is a great way to cherish and remember all the times that they have laughed and enjoyed themselves together. Slideshows can go as a beautiful idea for a virtual birthday party, giving you time to cherish the long-lost moments. 


4.     Movie streaming

Having a virtual movie marathon or movie night session is also another great way to have a virtual birthday party. For movie enthusiasts, having a movie streaming session together seems to be the best possible way to host a virtual party! With options like Netflix party available today, having a movie night with your friends is no tough job. Adding in comments through the video conferencing shall further add to the experience of watching the movie together!


There are numerous ways that can help in lighting up the vibe at your birthday party. One may opt for any of these ways that they wish to, to make their virtual birthday celebration a much-loved event!



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