About me

About me

Christopher R. Watt


I'm married for about 25 years, we've got two children (a boy and a girl). The children go to college, so the majority of their earnings are spent payment for their own studies. Part of this revenue we spend on holidays is traveling. In my native Columbus that the climate is too dry, so I attempt every two weeks to"run off" somewhere. At one time there was money, however there wasn't enough time to get anything, and there is the chance to travel, at least four times every year we rest. We try to get closer to the ocean - to Asia or even the south east of Europe. Now my wife has gone to Thailand, and I'm likely to Indonesia within a few months, I wish to go windsurfing.


We intend to buy a plot of land and build a home in time, we are saving money for that also. We're looking for something closer to the Atlantic Ocean rather than too far off for a couple of hours - and homes. So while we are at Jacksonville, we plan to buy and build a home next year. My wife and I do charity work, trying to send money every month. Initially it had been her thought, but then I got involved also.

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