About me

About me

Julie W. Tran

Hi, my name is Julie W. Tran and I'm a professional writer. Writing is my passion. I'm 45 and have an entire family. We have gorgeous children and a great husband, which is why we decided to get an animal companion. It should be walked every day, not just once , but at a minimum twice each day. We also gather as a family during nights and weekends to chat and play games. Puzzles are one of our favorites. It's something we're extremely passionate about. I came across https://riddlesbest.com/ which has great riddles.

I've been writing since I was a kid. How would I describe myself as a copywriter? I was rewriting when I was just 5 years old and coloring the first illustrations for my personal favorite fairy tale written by Andersen drawing The Little Mermaid in a coloring book. I began writing at seven when I was retelling my very first Reading and Natural History lessons; I was writing at age 10 when I was whispering stories that I read in an adult women's magazine to my girlfriends.

Then a continual revision: high school does not accept the existence of his view, Universities - to learn and duplicate the thought of the professor, but not necessarily his work - only the boss is right subordinates have to give silent consent ... I changed jobs - no way to prove their legitimacy. Voted "yes" but never had the nerve to say "no". Refraining, submissive and obedient. Refiant. Doing nothing but nodding, talking without thought. What kind of copywriter am I? What exactly is it? publicizing my words or other people's thoughts? It's all possible. Paper can be used to hold it. maybe no one will see or even read it. You can think about anything. Do you have any forbidden subjects? What is the best way to steer clear of them? Logically and correctly, as taught all my life or about what I would like to achieve ... The principle of materialization of thought says that you also must think in a correct manner. To rewrite the same thing, repeat it, speak, shout - just like you've been taught.

Copyright is a service that you can order for the amount you're paid for. Look - looking over what you see, the frame you're in, and hearing the sound made by the horn. Copywriting - Is it possible? Does it make sense to translate thoughts, words and ideas from other people into your own? My thoughts were a reality of their own. When I was listening to my parents' moralizing or my mother-in law's criticisms? Unanswered husband's questions as well as rants that were not accompanied by dialogues, meaningless blah blah blah... Also, when I was a withdrawn child hiding under a blanket and escaping reality. There were stories told about people who lived in the skies on tiny stars and were able to fly. Or maybe when she wrote poetry (trivially dedicated to love), for sure they were written by a lot of people who have no fear to show their attitude to the world around them.

The daylight, and the actuality, is cruel. they limit the possibilities because you only have the ability to see and hear the information. Yesterday isn't tomorrow. Tomorrow will never be tomorrow. But, if you shut your eyes, the only thing possible is to see and manifest every moment each thought, thought, and every desire. What do I want to be my dream job? I'm a copywriter. If I'm thinking, but not what I'm permitted to think I can see. I'm not seeing what I see in digital images. I dream of living a life that's not been and never will be. Five, six and seven... What's the number of years? Why is it that life-rewriting continually steals hours of sleep, when proper calculation trumps unfettered creativity? I am an Author. It is time to create.

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