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About me

Ashley Block

Good day! My name is Ashley Block. I am 26 years old, live in San Francisco, USA. At the moment I work as a web designer at https://kampillen.de/

In this blogpost, I wanted to share with you my experience, namely, who is a web designer and what this profession requires.

Web design (from the English. Web design) - the industry of web development and a type of design. A web designer is a computer technology expert who is responsible for how the Internet site looks and perceived. He comes up with logos, banners and other graphic elements, thinks through the site navigation, determines where the text should be placed. The designer needs not only to create an interesting site, but also to take into account the time of its loading. He works closely with marketing professionals and brand managers to create an effective website.

The profession of a web designer is associated with both modern technology and creativity. This specialist is engaged in the design of projects on the Internet: develops the design of websites, promotional pages, landing pages, electronic presentations. Web-designer creates logos, banners, infographics and other graphic elements of the page, thinks through the placement of text.

In this case, the web-designer focuses not only on the visual design, he must also take care of the usability of the site - its usability. In his work, he applies the knowledge of markup language HTML documents, language design styles CSS documents, the basics of HTML-layout.

The purpose of the web-designer is to develop the style of the site or another project on the Internet. Receiving from the customer an idea, a project concept, instructions and preferences, starts to implement them. However, often the designer himself has to offer ideas to the customer, based on his few installations.

The web designer thinks out the most successful solutions for presenting information, selects the color gamut of the site, focusing on the preferences of the client or the colors of the products to which the site is dedicated, or the corporate colors of the company. When building a web page, this specialist applies various design elements, selects background images. If the web designer has not received from the client all the images necessary for the project, he searches in them independently on the Internet, in various photobanks. If necessary, the web designer processes photos and images in graphic editors. Using the same programs, sometimes you have to draw some elements yourself. All site components should be loaded and displayed without problems and distortions on different monitors. This is also partly the concern of the web designer.

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